The article on Forbes Why Great Employees Quit — Instead Of Admitting They’re Unhappy by Liz Ryan, has left me with mixed feelings.

In this article, basically she attributes the sole responsibility of a great employee leaving, to that person’s manager. I agree with her in that it is absolutely very helpful for that manager to do some retrospection and find learning opportunities; what could she had done differently to retain that person.

But I also believe it is fair that the manager felt disappointed when her employee didn’t want to share the reasons why he decided to leave. I guess it depends on the relationship they had, but I don’t think it is crazy for her to think she deserved some kind of explanation.

We, as individuals, all have a responsibility for our own development, and that includes being vocal when something is not right. If this specific employee chose not to share his unhappiness, is up to him, but I don’t feel is right to assume his manager is the only one to blame. We can’t lay back and expect managers to do all the work. It is your career. You manage it, you grow it, you own it.

At the same time a few statements in the article made me feel sad:

“….you had more power than Josh did (because you were his manager) right up to the moment he said, «I’m leaving”….you have forgotten that you set the tone for the relationship… you had the power to fire Josh at any moment… you had the upper hand…the reason most people will not tell you they are unhappy but will simply start job hunting instead is that it is too dangerous to tell the boss when you’re unhappy….”

I hope I am not the only one who doesn’t agree with this point of view.

You absolutely have power in your relationship with your manager. There is no upper hand. Your manager and the company you work for, should be happy to have you. And you should be happy to have them. Trust, honesty and transparency, they all go both ways.

Be open and true to yourself, speak up, don’t be afraid. Or shut up and assume the responsibility of giving up on your job. And move on.