Re-discovering yourself:

These sessions will give you a deeper understanding of who you are and what you want to do in the next chapter of your career. We will:

● Define your Career Objective.

● Perform your Personal SWOT analysis.

● Design a 2 minute Self-Introduction Speech.

● Write and interiorize your own Elevator Pitch.

Being found

Next, we will explore the different ways you will be found by potential employers, and how to differentiate your profile to stand out from the crowd. We will:

● Develop a systematic approach of job hunting.

● Write an exceptional CV.

● Develop your Personal Brand.

● Develop a strong LinkedIn profile.

● Discover the art and science of Networking.

Blowing them away

Lastly, we will explore the process of interviewing. We will discover different types of interviews and prepare them so that you perform at your best and blow your interviewers away.

● Competency based vs traditional interviews.

● Behavioral vs hypothetical interviews.
>STAR Method.

● How to answer the most feared interview questions.

● Mock-up interviews.

In the transitioning careers’ journey, there are 3 main phases; Re-discovering yourself, to figure out who you are and what you want to do, putting yourself out there to be found and stand out, and preparing for the interviews so potential employers want to hire you.

These 3 phases can be followed one after the other, or we can pick and choose whatever is most relevant for you.