But why didn’t you apply?

Yesterday I was a reading an article from «Interview Success Formula», a page that I follow in Twitter: 4 Reasons Job Seekers are Still Stuck Searching by Alan Carniol, and it got me thinking.

The first and the second points are the most critical ones: lack of confidence and lack of preparation.

But if you fix the second one you can (almost) fix the first one.

By preparing yourself for an interview not only you gain objective knowledge and interviewing skills, but also you can “convince yourself” of your own competence to do the job and you can really believe that you deserve to be hired. And to achieve something, you really need to believe you can do it.

“Improvisation is best when is previously rehearsed”

a university professor once told me, and when it comes to interviewing it’s something I strongly believe in.

Now, one interesting question could be… “can you be prepare too much for an interview, and be overly prepared?”

But, that is the question for another day 🙂